Creating Value.
Generating Impact.

We believe investments should be made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Our investments can be made in both emerging and developed markets, and target a range of returns, depend ing on investors’ strategic goals, providing capital the opportunity to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Our Projects
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The genomic revolution now allows rapid and less costly identification of the genetic alterations that cause cancer and a multitude of genetic diseases. Until recently there were only limited possibilities to correct or take advantage of the disease-causing mutations for therapeutic purposes. Recent years witnessed the development and maturation of novel genetic tools that now allow scientist to develop, in a relatively short time and at a reasonable cost, therapies for severe diseases. The most promising genetic interventions include synthetic oligonucleotides that can act as antisense inhibitors or activators of the target gene, microRNAs, siRNA, gene therapy and gene editing techniques such as CRISPR, TALEN and zinc fingers. In many cases, more than one approach needs to be evaluated in order to find the effective treatment modality. The various methodologies we research and develop are based on a set of complementary methodologies and knowledge in the fields of genetics/genomics, bioinformatics and RNA biology.

Global Impact Investing

Over the last few years, much excitement has been generated around the term “impact investing” – an investment approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial return and measurable positive social or environmental impact, but still there is limited consensus on what impact investing is, what asset classes are most relevant, how the ecosystem is structured and what constraints the sector faces.

There is still a lot to be figured and defined such as assessment tools, the focus and the scope of the different initiatives, the motivation, financial value and returns, the potential.

Our goal is to create cross border cooperation and initiatives which emphasize the potential of such investments to its investors, stockholders and to the society.


Over recent years international bodies (UN, EU) made a significant legislative initiatives in order to establish and promote Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) goals.

Such initiatives captures within it’s scope nearly all firms and industries, but, having said that – We still have a long way to go. Local and international legislation has to be aligned, disclosures have to be defined and become mandatory both in pre-contractual documents as in documents being submitted by law to the authorities.

We are here to guide governments and corporations throughout the relevant regulation that become more and more crucial to their success.

Cancer research

The most exciting development in oncology in recent years is the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) that recruit and activate the patient’s own immune system to eliminate the cancer cells (Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018). This therapy proved to be effective in a number of tumor types and led to prolongation of life and even to cure in diseases that were incurable before the introduction of this new mode of therapy. Yet many tumors do not respond to ICI and only a minority of responding tumors respond in a satisfactory way. We learned recently that the tumor microenvironment plays an important role in the anti-tumor effect.  A major challenge in the field is the development of tools to activate a “cold” immune suppressive tumor microenvironment into a “warm” inflammatory microenvironment that facilitates the immune attack and killing of the tumor. It is expected that such modulation of the tumor microenvironment will contribute significantly to the success rate and outcome of ICI treatment.


In a world of growing population with climate change imposing uncertainty over major crop production and traditional practices that lack efficiency and sustainability, our only energy source, and the basis for a sophisticated society are challenged. Technological advancement and adoption are key for solving the problems ahead.

Our goal is to implement new technologies in places where they are most needed. Utilizing these technological advancements and know how today, will enable to produce locally, under any given climate thus ensuring the food security of tomorrow.  Solving today the challenges of tomorrow.

Art, Music, Theater

Art is about crossing boundaries, a vehicle for public discussion, understanding social issues, and building social connections. Through participation and political action, citizens can shape their community to better reflect their values.

Art can engage people in neighborhood revitalization, develop community identity and collective pride. Art can also be used to engage youth in civic activities such as beautifying urban spaces by painting wall murals. All it takes is some creativity and collective wisdom to think of the myriad ways that culture and the arts can be used for community benefit.

We believe that in today’s economy, the ability to attract and retain creative human talent is the key to economic growth. Vibrant culture attracts the most talented and is an integral part of the new economy.

We are obligated to the creation of such projects.

Our Projects

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Who We Are

We are a group of people who love new ideas, innovation and technologies – and who believe that your portfolio can live up to your principles, without compromising performance

Adi Shay, Adv.

Adv. Shay has extensive management experience, including leading initiatives and business moves and conducting negotiations, as well as promoting initiatives in the fields of environment, education, society and health with an emphasis on the high-tech and media world, both in the public arena and in the commercial arena.

Adv. Shay has the ability to successfully accompany various commercial processes in a company’s life. Her experience as Adv.  and creativity enable a broad vision and the formulation of creative tools and mechanisms that result in a legal or business solution that suits the company’s business needs and goals. These successes, which lead first and foremost to an effective and successful solution in the customer’s vision with efficiency , sensitivity and a minimum of resources – are rare in the world of business and law, which is most of the time a scene of clashes and interests.

Adv. Shay has extensive experience in managing and initiating moves on behalf of organizations in various fields, including organizations with an interest in influencing regulatory and legislative processes in the various systems in a manner that complements their economic and commercial activities.


  • Tel Aviv University, Master’s degree (.E.MBA) in Business Administration (2201)
  • Bar Ilan University, Master of Laws (LL.M) (6200)
  • IDC Herzliya, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in Law and Bachelor of Science (A.B.) in Business Administration (2001)

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2001.

Shlomit Moshe, Adv.
Chief of Legal Department

Adv. Shlomit Moshe leads the firm’s legal practices.

Adv. Moshe has extensive experience in accompanying various bodies, ranging from non-profit organizations, endowments and public benefit companies, companies, authorities, administrative bodies, foundations, associations and start-up companies.

With many years of experience, Adv. Shlomit Moshe brings with her uncompromising professionalism, an impressive ability in identifying the client’s needs and striving to achieve them in the best possible way. Along with a deep legal understanding, Adv. Moshe has led her clients to legal and business successes, and evidently – they always remain clients of the firm, in any field or matter to which they are required.

Itamar Vilan
Ag-Tech Project Manager

Itamar holds a BSc. In Plant Sciences and MSc. In applied Genetics form the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Former Project Manager in Satori group (Switzerland), with 3 years of experience in Agriculture technology implementation in Latin America.

Experience in:  Crop variety development and Precision Agriculture implementation.

Former Project Manager at Supplant, Precision irrigation and Part of the Hebrew University Sesame Breeding program.

Miss. Racheli Shtruminger
Culture and Art Project Manager

Racheli Struminger is a leading Israeli talent for children and for years has performed on stages for children and youth all over Israel. Racheli’s Has huge experience in performing, stage writing and casting. Currently Racheli leads the establishment of Tzavta’s Children’s Theater, a first and unique children’s theater, which has a multidisciplinary, up-to-date and first and foremost education for values and encouragement for creativity.

Racheli is a graduate of Yoram Levinstein’s Studio – 2011.

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